Mind-Body Integration

 Our compassionate and empathetic therapists at Heal ATL support and empower you by helping you identify your personal inner resources of strength, creativity, insight, and self-healing. Heal ATL is dedicated to creating a nurturing space for you to expand your awareness and navigate the ebbs & flows of your life. Mind-Body Integrative Psychotherapy is a holistic approach to talk therapy that focuses on the whole self: mind, body, and spirit. Our psychotherapists that work with this view of human psychology help you to understand and learn how all the areas of your life are connected.  Depending on your needs, our psychotherapists at Heal ATL meet you where you are in your journey with an integrative therapy experience that also utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy which focuses on identifying and re-framing beliefs and thoughts that lead to unhelpful emotions and behaviors.
The Mind-Body Integrative Psychotherapy approach teaches self-care techniques that research has shown most effective in creating change both in thought and behavior patterns. Learn mind-body self-care practices that are based on current research in neuroscience and integrative health.  Explore practices and teachings of mindfulness, hypnosis, compassion training, meditation, movement and breathing exercises. This approach to psychotherapy is used with a wide range of presenting concerns including self-esteem & self-image, grief & loss, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, emotional blockages, dissolving limiting beliefs & emotional patterns, as well as transition and adjustment issues. The therapeutic relationship is a collaborative process; together with your therapist at Heal ATL, find the tools through Mind-Body Integrative Psychotherapy to move forward, grow, and feel better than ever before while uncovering the self-healing abilities you inherently hold. 

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